The Mayo McKinley's of Ontario Canada

The Mayo McKinley's settle in Ontario, Canada

Before anything I would like to say a sincere thank you to Rodger McKinley who not only read the blog, but put "two and two together" and promptly sent me a message about his father's work on the Canadian McKinley's, who tie straight back into our Mayo McKinley family via Robert McKinley and his wife Mary Nicholson (see Mayo Generation 2.3), that Robert being the son of John McKinley (Generation 2.0) who had married an 'unknown' McKinley - probably named Eleanor.

Rodger's father had started his family tree with the first generation of McKinley's to settle in Canada, namely Robert & Mary McKinley, respectively to Newtownwhite and Rathnamagh in Mayo. I have listed that these two married in 1814 and that their first child (Eleanor) was born the following year. From this Eleanor comes the assumption that Robert's mother was called Eleanor. The we have Mary (after her mother), born in 1821, John in 1822 (named after his paternal grandfather), and Thomas in 1824. The Canadian McKinley notes show reference to a broken tombstone in Mayo referring to Robert & Mary, and certainly the data that I have sees to tie in.

The Canadian line starting with Robert & Mary show three children listed in Canada: Eleanor, John and Robert.  hence it is to be assumed that both little Mary and Thomas died in infancy.  the three surviving children settle in the Ontario region of Canada and married.

Eleanor McKinley, who I have as being born in 1815 (Canadian documentation is not clear on her birth year, suggesting 1824, but clear on the fact that she married one Mathew Fullerton in 1839 - it is unlikely that she married aged 14 (ie 1824) so for the time being the 1815 date holds. Eleanor died in 1893.

John McKinley is listed from both sources as being born in 1822, and he marries one Margaret Jane Clark in 1853 - he died in 1907.

Robert McKinley Junior was born in 1828, and given that we have no record of him in Ireland means that he was probably born in Canada. He is listed as having married a Jane McLinchey, and as having died in 1865.

These McKinley settled in the area of Bayfield on the southern shores of Lake Huron. John McKinley (the line from whence Rodger) and his wife Margaret had 12 children, eleven of whom survived childhood, with ten of them marrying.

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